WE NEED COMBINATION WELDERS! The demand for combo welders in Northwest Ohio is exceeding our current ability to supply them.  We are asking you to reach out to us.  We can put you to work.  Have your agent contact UA Local 50 if you are interested. 419-662-5456 ext. 134

Of the many unparalleled qualities the United Association has to offer our customers, one of the most important is our ability to simply supply manpower as needed.  Help us to fulfill that promise.




Dear Brothers and Sisters,


The United Association Local Number 50 is pleased to inform you of upcoming employment opportunities in the Northwest Ohio area.  Once again, the demand for labor will exceed the area’s available manpower.  Once again, our customers are depending on us to fill the void.  And so once again, we are reaching out to the safest, most skilled professionals in the construction industry—YOU.  Work will begin to ramp up in April 2019 with several major projects:


  1. Construction on a $700-million steel mill has begun in earnest, and another steel mill currently investing roughly $400 million in its plant. Requests for labor have begun.
  2. Construction will begin on a 955-megawatt natural gas powerplant in our jurisdiction, too. The plant is expected to create up to 1,000 construction jobs for local union contractors; start-up is expected in 2020.
  3. In April, hiring will begin for a May shutdown at an area refinery. The refinery is expecting two shifts to work six-tens for the duration, and roughly four-hundred UA members will be needed.
  4. This past June, a solar power company broke ground on a $400 million project in our jurisdiction. The 1-million square foot building is expected to be fully operational in late 2019.
  5. Several area elementary schools and universities will invest over $110 million in their buildings, as well.


Area standards are $41.41 on the check with pyramiding benefits.


            In addition to the abundant work opportunities, Northwest Ohio is a wonderful place to visit.  Activities for you and your family include water recreation on Lake Erie, minor league jockey and baseball, and amusement parks just an hour or so away from Toledo.  Northwest Ohio is also home to a world-class zoo, art museum, and other attractions.  The Hollywood Casino is just outside the city of Toledo, too.  We encourage you to visit the “ Great Work Great Life” website ( for a complete list of places to see and things to do in our area.


Two years ago, you answered our call and made 2016 one of Local 50’s most successful years ever.  We welcome you back and hope you will bring your world-class skills to our area once again.


Fraternally Yours,

The United Association Local Number 50